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Job seekers

Participate in a Mock Interviews

Interviewerr offers you an opportunity to prepare so that you have a greater chance of landing your next dream job. We help you prepare yourself, and feel comfortable facing an interviewer by you hiring our freelance interviewers to conduct mock interviews on you.

Boosts your levels of self-confidence

Remember that practice makes perfect. The mock interviews you go through with our freelance interviewers help you answer as many types of possible interview questions so that you are more confident and ready to face your actual interviewer. We at interviewerr will strive at boosting your self-confidence to the next level.

Receive unbiased Reviews

Freelance interviewers will give you unbiased reviews about how you had performed at the mock interviewer because they are not bound to keep you happy all the time.

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Get To Be Your Boss

You, as a freelance interviewer, can choose your work hours at your convenience. You can strive to maintain the perfect work-life balance by working as per your desired schedule. You can also, with time, build a career as a professional interviewer based on the experience and knowledge you acquire by helping various employers interview candidates.

Make money

All you need is money. You stand to earn big, and an unlimited amount of money as a freelance interviewer on interviewerr.

Helps update your skills

You don’t just interview others. You also improve on your skill as you gain expire interviewing so many people so for many types of jobs and positions in various companies. The Interviewerr lets you not only earn money but also enhance you’re interviewing skills through practice. You at the same time, keep yourself updated with the present and existing market trends.

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Save Time

Interviewerr helps save a lot of an employer’s time. You, as an employer, need no longer worry about the time spent, and the hassles of screening hundreds of potential candidates for your specific jobs. All you have to do is leave the work, and responsibility of finding the right employees for you, to our community of freelance interviewers

Unbaised Feedback

You will receive unbiased feedback about each candidate from your hired professional interviewer. It is then left to you to make an informed decision about whether you want to hire the candidate for the job or not.

Share Experties

Freelance professional interviewers have lots of expertise handling interviews and assessing potential candidates. They are more than willing to share their expertise with you when you hire them to interview potential candidates for your organisation.

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