How to select a freelance interviewer for your company?

The word interviewer brings to mind job and employment interviewers. However, did you know that there is much more to the word? This is because there are so many types of interviews that can be conducted for various reasons. 

You similarly need to choose and have the right interviewer to conduct the interview professionally. In the case of employment-related ones, interviewers have to screen and recruit new employees. 

They generally do this by following the company’s set format and pattern. While most companies have their employment interviewers, many others hire freelance interviewers on a project or ad hoc basis.

Some interviews are conducted to find out about a certain product, service or topic. The interviewer has to ask the person in charge of relevant questions to find out and learn more about the product or services.

There is a third type of interview, interviewing celebrities at talk shows and events. Each of these interviews has to be conducted by an interviewer who has the required skills and knowledge to conduct it. 

For example, you can’t expect someone comfortable recruiting software developers to look for cooks! You have to look for the person to conduct your type of interview. 

Required skills

With so many types of interviewers, it’s essential that you chose and hire the right freelance interviewer with the following skills:

  • Relevant experience or professional education in your chosen field
  • Familiarity with basic computer systems and analytical tools
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Should be discrete at all times

They should additionally be able to:

  • Screen interview candidates
  • Either take notes or record the interview
  • Interpret and analyse the interviewee’s responses
  • File the interview and responses into your company’s system
  • Be ready to cross-question the candidate to ensure they don’t give any contradictory statements or information. 

Why you should hire freelance interviewers

There are three very important reasons to hire a freelance interviewer for your business:

  1. They can use their expertise to steer the interview and gather as much candidate information as possible. They don’t have any time restrictions and don’t have to worry about other employees waiting. Freelance interviewers can adjust timings to their convenience. 
  • You save money because you won’t be interviewing people throughout the year. Hiring a full-time interviewer or having a room-specific for interviewers will be a waste of time. It’s more economical for you to hire a freelance interviewer if and when you need to recruit new candidates for a job vacancy. 
  • Freelance interviewers are not part of any agency, nor do they work for your company. This means that they will conduct an unbiased interview without any prejudice towards anyone. They will then process the information received to discuss the candidate with you and the management. 

If you wonder where you can find freelance interviewers, don’t look any farther. There are sites like with so many types of interviewers on board for you to choose and hire. 


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