How to prepare for a mock interview!

The practice is the best piece of advice to give anyone who’s going for a job interview. There is no better way to practice by having a mock interview with a freelance interviewer.

It helps you learn to answer the most likely interview questions perfectly. It also helps you identify your wrong or bad habits or mannerisms which may affect the impression you create on your employee.

The process

There are a few things you and your freelance interviewers should do before the mock interview. You will have to:

  • Find out more about the job description of the post applied for
  • Learn more about the company you plan to join
  • Thoroughly check your resume and cover letter for flaws and improvements
  • Make a list of common interview questions, especially if you are a first-timer

Here the freelance interviewer prepares a list of questions you will most probably be asked. You have to prepare a list of most likely answers you need to know without looking at the freelance interviewer’s list.

 Create the list based on your skills and with the help of some useful tips. It’s when both of you are ready and prepared should you conduct the mock interview.

Points to look out for

There are some things to identify through the mock interview, which are:

  • Questions that are difficult to answer
  • Any difficulties faced during the interview
  • Forgetting to mention stories of your achievement

You could even have the mock interview recorded. You can, later on, listen to it to realise how confidently you had answered the questions. Also, look for mannerisms showing your nervousness.

Mock interviewer’s duties

The mock interviewer has to give an honest account of how well you had performed during the interview. This means he/she looks out for:

  • How many times you had said ‘uh’ and ‘um.’
  • The answers needing improvement
  • Any pointless rambling
  • Speaking negatively about past employees or co-workers
  • Any distractive tricks, mannerisms or gestures

Read the mock interviewer’s feedback at the end of the interview. Look for areas needing improvement and more research. You may even hold a second interview if you had made quite a few mistakes or if you think you need more preparation.

Sites like let you conduct as many mock interviews as you like before an actual interview. Remember, the key to a successful interview is preparation, and there’s no better preparation than mock interviews.


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