Freelance interviewer- 4 tips to help you get your first client

Working as a freelancer has its perks- your own work timings, less stress and minimal or no travel time. However it does have one major drawback- you have to find your own clients.

Landing the first client is the most frustrating because most people aren’t ready to hire someone new. However, if you play your cards right, you might just find someone out there who’s ready to give you a chance.

These tips should prove valuable in helping you land your first client as a freelance interviewer.

1.   Experience usually is more important than pay

It’s true that you are freelancing to make money. However, you sometimes have to make compensations especially if you are new to the field. Some people are ready to hire a newbie, but for a lower price.

While the pay may not be inviting, it’s worth accepting the offer for the exposure and experience it offers you. Besides, the person may ask you to conduct more interviews, or may even spread your name in his/her network if you do well.

2.   Use your other skills

You may be a new freelance interviewer but you are sure to have some other valuable skills. These skills may give you an edge over your competitors. For example, assume you are an android developer. You will be a better choice for someone who wants more android developers than a freelance interviewer with writing skills.

3.   Make use of your network

Do reach out to your network of friends and acquaintances about your new job as a freelance interviewer. You never know who will know someone who needs a freelance interviewer.

New clients are more likely to hire you if someone they trust and know recommends you. They will be ready to give you a start just because of that recommendation.

4.   Don’t have too high expectations

It’s natural that you are excited about making it big as a freelance interviewer. Yes, you do need to think and dream big however it’s also important that you keep a tab on your expectations.

Don’t expect too high a pay for your first few projects. Don’t pressurize yourself into chasing big clients. It’s better if you focus on getting as much experience, and to build your reputation as a freelance interviewer.  These 4 tips will prove really helpful in landing your first client.  Start small, use your network, don’t have too high expectations and use sites like, to soon build a reputation as a freelance interviewer.


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