FAQs for freelance Interviewers

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You qualify as a freelance interviewer if you have the skills and expertise to interview someone and provide feedback.

You, as a freelance interviewer on interviewerr can earn an additional source of income and also update your interviewing skills.

  • How do, I as a freelance interviewer benefit through interviewerr?

    Interviewerr is a platform that helps you connect with the many employers who need help with their recruitment procedures and conducting interviewers. Some employers may hire you to help conduct interviews to select the ideal candidate for the establishment.

    Other employers will hire you to conduct mock interviews so that they perform better and have a bigger chance of landing their dream job.

  • Who are employers on interviewerr?

    There are two types of employers on interviewers.

    i. The first group of them are people or organisations who need help at quickening their interviewing and hiring process.

    ii. The second group of employers are the real world’s actual job seekers who need some help preparing for an interview. They may ask and pay you to conduct a mock interview before facing a real job interview.

  • How much can I earn?

    You as a freelance interviewer stand to earn in two ways on interviewerr.

    i. An employer who is looking for a candidate will hire you to help them with their screening and hiring process. You may even charge extra if they want you to schedule the interview instead of doing it themselves.

    ii. You can also earn from a job seeker. This is a person looking for a job and wants to conduct mock interviewers with you. They do this so that they perform better at interviewers to get a better chance of landing their dream job.

  • What are the costs?

    Interviewerr platform is free to join. It’s when you join as a freelance interviewer that you have to pay a set fee. You can learn more about the related costs and fees by checking the dashboard under the ‘package’ option. We at interviewerr then take a 15% commission on each job/project/service that you offer.

  • Where can I get support?

    You can find the support option on your dashboard upon logging in.

  • What do I do if the employer doesn’t respond?

    You can always raise a dispute request with us through your dashboard if there is something wrong with an employer. Our team will analyse the situation and try to find a solution.

  • How do I get paid?

    Employers first pay us for the job and then we pay you once you cross a minimum withdrawal balance. Your figures will be displayed on your dashboard. You will be paid through a debit card, credit card or PayPal.

  • Who schedules an interview?

    You as a freelance interviewerr shouldn’t have to schedule an interview. It’s the employer’s responsibility. However, you can earn more by offering this as an additional, chargeable service.

  • Are there any templates?

    Yes, you can download them from our  download page.

  • I have some suggestions for improvement. How can I reach out?

    That’s amazing! We are always ready for improvement and welcome new suggestions and ideas. You can contact us through your dashboard. Your ideas are always welcome!

  • What defines a job?

    A job is a task or a project that an employer creates for you. It is the job that gives you all the relevant information about the interview.
    You then interview the employer and give them your feedback. This completes your job for them.

  • What are services?

    These are the additional services you as a freelance interviewer offer to employers. This includes scheduling the interview for them and if necessary and agreeing to meet at selected venue to conduct an interview. You could offer these services as a standard service package to the employers.

  • Am I permitted to contact employers directly?

    We at interviewerr are pretty okay with your directly contacting the employer if you are okay with it. We, however, recommend that you maintain all communication within the system. We may not be able to resolve any disputes occurring outside the system.

  • How is an interview conducted?

    You and your employer have to first agree about having an interview.

    As a freelance interviewer, you don't have to worry about scheduling the interview. This is the responsibility of an employer. However, if you want, you can offer this as an additional service and charge for it.  

    If you and your employer agree, you can conduct the interview through a:


    • Phone call
    • Skype
    • WhatsApp call
    • Zoom call 


    1. Plan to meet at a commonplace. Of course, you will have to charge extra for this, and maybe include travelling and accommodation costs.