FAQs for employers

Do contact us if we have missed out on something.

Please note that an employer to us is a person who has a job opening and wants to hire a candidate for their organisation. There are no candidates for job openings or freelance professionals here to hire for your job work.

  • How do I, as an employer, benefit through interviewerr?

    Interviewerr platform helps save the time you spend interviewing and hiring people for your establishment. You can select and hire the right freelance interviewer from our database to screen potential employees.

  • Who are freelance interviewers?

    Anyone who can interview others and provide you with feedback can register as a freelance interviewer on our platform. They can also be paid to schedule mock interviews with prospective job seekers to narrow down your options. You, however, are the final hiring authority.

  • How much are the costs?

    You can join interviewerr for free. However, there are two types of associated costs for using our platform’s services.

    i. There is a set fee to pay to post a job. You will be able to see the packages upon logging in.

    ii. You will also have to pay freelance interviewers for their services rendered. They can be paid on an hourly basis or you can create a job and let them bid for it.

  • Where can I get support?

    You can find the support option on your dashboard upon logging in.

  • What happens if I hire a wrong freelance interviewer?

    You can always raise a dispute if you hire the wrong freelance interviewer. Our team will help analyse and resolve the situation. We, however, strongly recommend that you always first review the profiles of freelance interviewers before hiring them.

  • Can I assign a bulk task to a freelance interviewer?

    Of course, you can assign them bulk tasks, and freelance interviewers will be more than happy to do it. Just make sure that you clearly mention your requirements while creating jobs to avoid surprises and confusions later on.

  • Am I permitted to contact freelance interviewer directly?

    We at interviewerr are pretty okay with your directly contacting the freelance interviewer if you are okay with it. We, however, recommend that you maintain all communication within the system.  We may not be able to resolve any disputes occurring outside the system.

  • How do I make payments?

    You can make payments through a debit card, credit card or PayPal.

  • Who schedules an interview?

    The employer has to schedule the interview and then inform the freelance interviewer and candidate about it. Freelance interviewers can also be asked to schedule an interview for you, but it’s at an additional cost.

  • Who is the best freelance interviewer for me?

    There is no ‘best freelance interviewer’ on interviewerr. You are responsible for checking each freelance interviewer’s skill sets to ensure you are hiring the right person. For example, if you are looking for an android developer, you must look for an interviewer with android mentioned in his skill set.

  • Are there any templates?

    Yes, you can download them from our download page.

  • I have some suggestions for improvement. How can I reach out?

    That’s amazing! We are always ready for improvement and welcome new suggestions and ideas. You can contact us through your dashboard. Your ideas are always welcome!

  • Where can I read the help documentation?

    Simple! Just click the link - Documentation

  • What is the job?

    There are two meanings for a job

    A job is an opening to be filled by hiring the right candidate in the real world. However, things are different on interviewerr. A job, task or project posted by an employer here contains information about the candidate they are seeking for their organisation.

  • How is an interview conducted?

    You need to decide and agree with the freelance interviewer

    As an employer, scheduling the interview is your responsibility. However, if you want, you can also ask your freelance interviewer to do this for you at an additional cost. 

    If you and your freelance interviewer agree, they can conduct the interview through:

    1. Phone call
    2. Skype
    3. WhatsApp call
    4. Zoom call
    5. Call the interviewer to a commonplace to conduct the interview. You, of course, will have to pay extra for this and may include travel and accommodation costs.