4 Benefits of having a mock interview

4 Benefits of having a mock interview

Are you having the jitters about facing your first job interview? If yes, it’s normal, but you don’t have to be normal. You can have a mock interview to find out how well you are ready to face an actual one. 

Yes, mock interviews are a great way for job-seekers to test their skills at answering job-related questions. It helps both college students entering the job market and professionals who want to change fields. 

Besides, it offers the following benefits:

1.     Reduces stress and anxiety

This is the greatest benefit it offers because it lets you try answering typical job interview questions. You don’t feel so stressed out because you know the interviewer is not the recruiter, so your answers don’t define your destiny. On the contrary, the interviewer will give you valuable feedback about your responses and performance. 

2.     Improves confidence levels

You gain more confidence to face an actual interview when your mock interviewer points out your strengths and weaknesses. You can accordingly emphasise your strengths and work on your weaknesses to perform better in the future. 

3.     Practice to answer behavioural-based questions

Many companies today emphasise on behavioural based questions like ‘Why should I hire you?”. You should be ready to answer these questions which don’t have any definite answer for you to research and learn about. However, a mock interviewer will be able to give you tips for a reply that best fits the question.

4.     Valuable, constructive feedback

The feedback your mock interviewer provides is something you can’t, and won’t receive at an actual one. If you have appeared for quite a few interviews but still haven’t been able to nail your dream job, a mock interviewer will be able to tell you why. Their valuable, constructive feedback may be all you need to perform better and finally fulfil your dream!

So you see, though you may have to pay for mock interviews on sites like, it’s worth the expense. You gain lots of experience and knowledge to face all types of questions. Most importantly, you overcome the stress of facing a recruiter. 

Don’t make the mistake of conducting a mock interview with a family member. This is something many people do to avoid spending money on one. However, this entirely defeats the purpose. 

Family members may not have the experience or maybe too lenient or strict. A third person is always a better person like the many freelance interviewers you get on


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